#140 our story

Jim, Kate and Angie all left for their vacation in the states.

The older girls went to San Bartolome for a sports competition.

We received 3 new children. The Indiana team had an outreach to a village.

The dollar has dropped again.

One of our Dobermans is very ill.



We have been blessed with protecting angels over the years. There was one incident that I remember so vividly and it involved a teenage girl. There were four of our teens standing on the road behind our property talking when a man came walking down the road.

As he approached the group the man drew a machete from behind his back and swung at a boy’s neck. The teenage girl literally grabbed the machete in midair. The man ran away and our neighbors chased him. He had killed someone earlier that day. I asked how she got her hand up so quickly and she said, “The Holy Spirit told me to watch him as he was walking towards us”.

One night Dottie and I heard our dogs barking and I looked out my window and saw a figure on our wall. So I got my gun and told Dottie to count to 100 while I crept up towards the wall. Unfortunantly she counted very quickly and switched on the lights and there were 5men in front of me. They were not armed so I scared them more than they scared me. They all jumped the wall and I heard a pickup start up.

I opened the gates and our two Dobermans chased the pickup. Soon it was out of sight. So I called my dogs and as they crossed the highway a large truck hit them both instantly killing one and damaging the other so badly that he walked on 3 legs for four years before he died.