#139 our story

The team had a Bible lesson followed by crafts for each individual dorm. In the afternoon they had a special time of sharing with all of Casa in the blue building. He was a Christian illusionist that shared how we get deceived by the devil.

Also Cometas, Buen Pastor, Vencedores & Angelitos went to the movies in the morning. Many activities! Blessed!

Bible lesson before crafts with Los Angelitos

Over the years there have been so many of our children shot to death. None of them were living here at the time of their deaths. They had left Casa to live with family. Antonio was first and he was working on a bus when it was robbed and shot for less than $5.

Jimmy was shot while living in the city dump and working for his aunt scavenging through the garbage. He was not yet18 but was sent home by a judge. Mario was standing at a grocery store when a shootout began and he was killed in the crossfire. Rosa was simply exiting a bus when she was killed. Juan was shot as he walked down the street in Chimaltenango.

I share this to tell you that Franklin, now a grown man, was shot and killed yesterday. He and his brother were two of my favorites. I remember when they first came to Casa because their mother was dying. They were living in a one room construction down in a gulley. We received a call from an uncle that the mother was slipping away.

I took the two boys to the house and the mother had no food or medicine and no one to stay with her. They begged me to buy medicine and food. Of course, I did! When I returned I could hear soft crying so I looked through a hole in the wall. Franklin was sitting on the bed holding his mother to his chest and was praying for her.

What is so sad is that Franklin visited his sponsor in the states who was willing too put him through college in the US but Franklin said “No”. Life would have taken a much better turn had he accepted that opportunity.