#138 Our story

A team from Indiana arrived today. They brought shoes. They also had crafts for the kids.

Josue’ will be going to the USA next week.

We received two new children.

Did you see the news where two LSU fans beat an Alabama fan to death? How sick is that?



March 1993. I had to go to the school where 32 of our children attended. It was report card day. Ten of the 32 made the honor roll and only 2 had less than satisfactory grades. A remarkable thing happened at the school as a Guatemalan woman handed me $400. This was our first cash gift from a Guatemalan. When I preached I was usually paid with a live chicken.

And that particular day got even better when I preached in Xepetan that evening and six received Jesus as Lord. I returned home and the courts had sent two young boys.

Dottie had an exciting das as she was cooking lunch the toddlers had gotten into a can of paint and they were covered in black. There was no running water so she bought a can of gasoline and sponged them off. Then she used one of the buckets of water that we had saved for commodes to rinse them off.

A pastor’s wife in Solola died in childbirth leaving that baby and 5 other children motherless. We had built that pastor a Sunday school building and a home for his family. S the judge sent the 6 children to us.