#137 our story

We would like to make our annual trip home in February but as of now no one has invited us to share in their church. Would you pray about it? Call or email Debbie if you are interested.

Dottie & I went to the city to buy the food for the quinceaneras and there were demonstrations as well as buses side ways in the highway. Took us hours!



March 1993 Dr. Herman and I measured the front property to see if we could build him a small house as well as a clinic. After that we drove to Antigua to see if the owner of the property behind us would go down on the price. She still was too high so we said no. Eventually the bank would foreclose on her and we would purchase the property at a discount.

It was about this time that Herman realized that God was calling him to have an outreach ministry to the poor so we put building him a house on hold.

In those early years we would get water from the village through a1/2 inch line. Normally there was pressure only from midnight to 6am so we would have to use a water hose and fill up whatever we could. The worst things were the toilets and dirty dishes. Taking baths meant we had a limited amount of water so they sponged off.

The judge gave us a boy whom they said was 12 years old. He was terribly aggressive and was a danger to the younger children. One day he hit Telma who was age 4 so I took him to the judge. The judged admitted that he was not 12 but rather he was 15. They put him in a government home and 2 years later he escaped and killed someone