#136 Our story

Billy had a root canal done today.

This is the time of year many groups & churches want to come and bless the children with games, movies, etc.

Estella arrived from Tennessee for a family party in Coban.

Quique dislocated his thumb, tearing ligaments playing soccer.



December 9, 1992 our landline phone had been off for a third day. Today we found out that thieves had climbed the telephone poles and stolen 150 feet of copper cable. And I am talking about stealing it right outside our front gate.

This was followed by me being robbed of $1250 on December 23rd.

I wrote that 1993 would bring Dottie and myself to our 50thbirthdays. Little did I know that 25 years later we would still be on the mission field and the 60 children we had would eventually surpass 5000. It is certain that if we would have known what the future held we may not have come. But look at what God has given to us in being able to know and love so many children.

January 28, 1993 would be the coldest day that we would ever experience in our 29 years in Guatemala. It froze the crop of tomatoes next door.

February 1, 1993 we awoke to gunfire. Later it was determined that there had been a firefight on the property where our school currently is located. Lots of gunfire but only one death!