#134 our story

Each year for graduation Angie has the graduates & dorm parents over for a meal. So she, Christine and Dottie did it early because Angie will be leaving for the holidays.

Susie graduated today with her nursing degree. I am very proud of her.


The boys studying typing in San Bartolome


The word has spread because two weeks after the surgery on the 3 children with cleft lips two Mayan families came carrying two children with cleft lips. They were 3 and 6 months respectfully. We were not even sure they would live much less survive surgery.

A cleft lip child cannot suck on a breast or a bottle. We took them to the hospital and soon a surgeon, Dr. Norman, arrived and both children were able to have the surgery and survive.

John and Sharon came to Casa and worked for a couple of years with us and then went out on their own. He was a preacher and she was a nurse. They would begin a great ministry in Chichicastenango. Sharon began a program of teaching the Mayan Indians everything they needed to know about prenatal and postnatal care. There is no way to count the number of children and mothers who would survive because of Sharon.

John had a heart for pastors. He would write sermons, Bible studies and pamphlets on ministering the Word. He would take these lessons throughout Guatemala and even to South America.

Their hearts were so touched by the 5 children with cleft lips that God birthed in them a desire to make a difference.