133 our story

Yesterday on the day of the dead there were the flying of giant kites some nearly 50’ tall. Today some of the teen girls went to fly traditional kites up on the mountain. WQalt & his boys flew them here on the football field.

The staff had their prayer, praise and Word time.

The kite more than 40′ tall

By November of 1993 I was of the opinion that if anyone asked me what seminary or Bible college they should attend I was going to tell them to attend a trade school. So much of my time is working on washers/dryers, electrical problems, plumbing and the like. My doctorate is not very valuable here in Guatemala.

For instance, yesterday which was August 23rdthe electricity went off. I had no idea why our backup generators were not working. So since we do not have a maintenance man living here I had to call someone who knew what to do.

On October 31, 1992 we were asked to go to a village and see three children with cleft lips. The 30 year old mother had 10 children with these three needing surgery. There was a physician Dr. Dumas, who was an American and had access to surgeons. So we were to bring the children for them to see and in a short time the three children were operated on.

On November 2, 1992 Compassion International brought us a 6 year old child. The mother had been dying for months and she had walked throughout the city going to churches and other organizations to care for her son. They refused and one night as they were sleeping on the sidewalk a prostitute stopped and asked the boy what was wrong with his mother he told her that his mother was dying.

The prostitute motioned for another prostitute and together they cared for the mother until her death. It was then that they called Compassion International and the child would live with us until hos college years.