#131 our story

Guatemala’s holiday for Halloween is called “Day of the Dead”.

We bought Christmas gifts for Estrelitas dorm.


Charles Rodgers and Bill Hughes from World Ministry Fellowship came to Guatemala and held a pastor’s conference at a church in the city. It was very well attended and I remember how much I enjoyed hearing Bible teaching in English after having only heard Spanish the last three years.

Recently Bill died. Bill’s wife had died a few years ago and she was one of my most favorite people. She was an excellent Bible teacher and preacher. I was always teasing her about women teachers. I truly enjoyed knowing them. I was on the board with Bill for years.

It was during the same month that Bill and Charles came (May 12, 1992) that our social worker told a judge that Josue’s father could care for him. The judge ordered the father to come get him. I remember that I carried Josue’ on my back and walked up a mountain. I was so broken hearted. It was later that day that the father came to get him.

Josue’ would not let go of Dottie and just screamed and screamed “Mami, Mami”. Not only did I cry but his father cried also. He had become a Christian and he wanted Josue’ to live with us because he worked Sundays driving a bus. He wanted Josue’ to go to church. But the real tipping point was that he realized how much Dottie and Josue’ were connected.

So a month later the judge let Josue’ return.