Heath was operated on and has a tracheotomy. They will wire his jaw together and when this heals they will take a bone from his leg and rebuild his jaw.

The former vice-president of Guatemala was sent to prison for 15 years for corruption.

Malcolm drove us to Houston. Always a blessing!



Malcolm drove us to Houston and he shared some memories from his trips to Casa and also one special trip we made to the USA with children in the early 1990’s. We actually had 10 children and Malcolm and Donna offered to let them stay in their home so Dottie and I could have 2 nights free. The first thing that happened was we went to a Captain D’s for lunch and the children ordered chicken but would not eat itbecause “it had no bones”. Finally, Silvio tasted a piece and told the kids that it was chicken so they ate it also.

Then at breakfast at Malcolm’s home the next morning Donna fixed bacon along with other items and again the kids would not taste the bacon because they did not know what it was finally. Malcolm convinced Silvio to try a bite and when he did he grabbed for more and all of the kids ate the bacon.

Finally, Malcolm and Donna took the children to the movies where Malcolm sat on one end and Donna on the other. They bought the large refiller buckets of popcorn. The first time they passed the bucket it never made it to the other end. The bucket was refilled numerous times. But during the movie Malcolm realized that 2 of the smaller children were missing but had not passed by neither he nor Donna. They began searching and soon found that they had crawled under the seats looking for popcorn.