#130 our story

The winners of the different school competitions will go swimming at a water park in Escuentla.

The discipleship group will be attending a special service in the city tonight.


In 1989 when I first visited Guatemala on that one week mission trip I met a physician, Herman Alb, who spoke perfect English and was so kind to me. He was one of the first people I found when I returned to live here. He would translate for me when I preached or when I had to go to court.

He had a cousin who was also a physician and had a little home for children. I believe it was like 8 children and was called “Mi Hogar” which is My House. In order to try to become legal in Guatemala we were able to piggy back his ministry and we originally called Casa “Mi Hogar 2”. The courts used this name in order to be able to give us children.

Herman has a tremendous ministry of medical and spiritual outreach. When teams visit him he normally drops them by here on Sunday afternoon to play with the children.

For some reason writing these updates has made me think of so many people from the past. Dee Dee passed away a few years ago but I will never forget the year, 1992, when she invited Dottie and I along with 10 children to stay with her in her house for 5 weeks. Can you imagine the inconvenience that was? But she never complained.