#129 our story

Dottie & Gladys fitted the girls with their gowns for being quinceaneras.

Then Gretchen took Gladys to lunch for her birthday and invited Bob & us to tag along.



In April 1992 Dottie and I had a unique experience. We attended basketball games at the school where I kids attend. There was only one problem. We had at least one child on all 7 teams from kindergarten through 6thgrade so we could not leave until all 7 teams played.

When the courts brought us Manolo, Veronica and Ricardo when we were living in San Cristobal it opened the door to us receiving many children from the area where they lived. Today Manolo works and is a translator. Veronica went through our transition program and has a good job. Ricardo is also working and is married with children. These children were living in total poverty and their mother is the one who wrestled me to the ground. Now she loves me.

Farrell and I built a little house in 1992 for boys. We had 4 teenage boys Alex, Jorge, Manolo and Walter. Both Jorge and Walter passed away when they were adults. Walter was crippled but we were able to get a specialist from the USA to operate on him. He did fine from then until his death.

My mother visited and on the plane met an Australian who owned a clothing business. He invited my mom y=to visit so we did and he gave us shirts for all of the children.