#128 our story

Our policy has changed in that we allow the 18 year olds and older to go home one weekend a month. Then we have visitation for the younger children where their parents can come and visit once a month. The older children then take a family of little ones who do not have a visit and they are their family. So today was visitation for the younger children. It has worked very well and there is less congestion when only those under 18 receive the visit.

I shared today with the children out of Luke 4 of the temptation of Jesus following His baptism. We had baptism a few weeks ago so I wanted the children to know that they have declared war on the devil.

7000 migrants have passed through Guatemala in the caravan for the USA.

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The story of Abby did not end with her salvation and emotional healing that night. She became a real student going from “F” to “B” in one semester. She would eventually graduate from high school and study accounting. Eventually she worked as a head accountant. God gave her a precious Christian husband and two wonderful children.

One year right before Christmas a large truck drove up to our house and it was filled with food. She had bought it. I told her, “Abby that must have cost you a fortune”. Her response was. “Daddy, I wanted to give to the children what God has given to me.”

Her father was released from prison while Abby was still living here. He came to the gate and I was not going to let her see him. But she begged so I went with her to the gate and when I opened the gate he fell to his knees, grabbed her ankles and began to kiss her feet. He screamed, “Please forgive me!”

Abby cupped his face in her hands and said, “I have already forgiven you because Jesus forgave me.” She then told him her story of salvation and prayed with him.