#127 our story

It was a quiet day as all teams are gone. I spent time with the boys this morning and spent time studying the love of God in the afternoon.

The winners


In the 90s there was a girl brought to us (I’ll call her Abby) who had been horribly abused by her father from age 7 until she was 13. One night her mother tried to stop him and the father took his machete and hit the mother across the back. Abby began to scream, “You killed my mother! You killed my mother!”

Neighbors heard the screaming and subdued the man. They drove him to the police where he would be in jail for 5 years. But now the mother could not walk so Abby was brought to us.

She was brought to us and began first grade at age 13. She was so emotionally ill that she could not even make an “F” in her classes. This went on for a long period of time. One night I was reaching the girls about love and marriage and I said to them, “You want to be a virgin when you marry”. As soon as I said that I realized how many girls had been assaulted. I tried to keep talking but Abby jumped to her feet and yelled at me, “Papi, what if you are not a virgin? Can God love you and will a man ever want you?”

I was at a loss for words when a younger girl jumped to her feet and said. “Don’t you ever say you are not a virgin. You did not give anything away.” At that moment it felt as though angels were passing by me with buckets of warm water and sponges and began to cleanse the girls. It was as though God was saying, “Mike, get out of the way”. Over two dozen girls gave their lives to Christ.