Trophies were given to 6 different age groups in basketball, soccer and volley ball.

At 9am there was a one hour prayer time for the school as the last act of the school year before graduation. The children received their final report cards. Walt, Ezdras and some teenage boys led the worship.

There was a leadership conference that began Friday for two days and six of our folks attended.

The team had ice cream for everyone.


Winners in soccer



I would imagine that most of you have never heard of S.L.I.C.E. but it was a major part of our ministry in Lake Charles and even continued when we left for Guatemala. It is South Louisiana I Care Enough and a ministry to children who were abused. When Dottie and I left Sammy and his wife took it over.

One Sunday morning I was preaching and this couple were on the front row. He never looked up. When I finished I went down to them and introduced myself. I asked where they were from and she said, “We were missionaries to the American Indians in Arizona but my husband had open heart surgery and the denomination removed us from the mission field.”

She continued with, “The strangest thing happened. We are driving home to Baton Rouge and when we came over the bridge at Lake Charles we heard a voice telling us to get off of the interstate. I immediately went down the ramp and the voice said for us to turn left. We drove past many churches and when we passed your church the voice told us to come here.”

I knelt before him and asked if he could do anything what would that be. He perked up and said, “I want a home for children.” I walked over to our house where kept the children from SLICE. They would stay and run the ministry for I believe 4 years.      This was the time where we needed them as well as a high school principal, an elementary principal and a pastor in order for Dottie and I to come to Guatemala. In less than two months we would have all four and God released us for the mission field.