#125 our story

Yesterday, Gretchen took Alex, his family and all of Buen Pastor to a restaurant for a chicken dinner. Bob bought ice cream. Someone provided the funds for this.

S’mores and hot dogs were provided for four dorms : Angelitos, Cometas, Estrelitas and Esperanza up.

Today was so pretty that the school had the celebration with games. It is always fun to see their joy.



I remember one time the kindergarten asked each parent to bring 50 two inch square colored blocks. That meant we had to cut and paint 450 blocks for our 9 children. Once I was asked how much it cost to send a child to school and when I told them they said, “That is cheap.” For one child it is cheap but if you multiply it by hundreds it is very expensive.

Purchasing anything in Guatemala back in the 90s was always a challenge. For instance if you needed 70 sweaters there was not a store that carried enough. Once I had a team coming to build the clinic and I needed thousands of concrete blocks. I went to a place where they made them and asked how many could they make in 6 weeks, They assured me that they could do it.

When I returned 6 weeks later they only had half of them ready. So the block layers could only get the job half done. I went back to them and told them I would never buy any building materials from them again. We were their best customers. It would be within a year that they ran out of business and closed their doors. Things are much different today.

We went to hear Pastor Cho who pastored the largest church in the world. His church in South Korea was 750,000 in 1999. Today it has more than 1,000,000 members.

Over the years Guatemala has more than 5 mega churches. The earthquake of 1976 (if I remember correctly) opened the door to thousands of people working with different social organizations to come and help. In these civil groups and spawned hundreds of missionaries. Today Guatemala may be the most evangelized nation in Central America.