#124 our story

Alex, the child who had the kidney transplant a few months ago, was sent home by a judge. Pray that his family can provide him with the expensive anti-rejection medication.

The team had Bible study with the girls. They also gave tennis shoes to various dorms.

Thom & Shawna left to celebrate their 30thwedding anniversary in Antigua. We were able to get a lot done while he was here.

Carlos 1 dropped by and he is doing so well. He is working, studying in college and planning his future. He cheered me up!

Dottie, Carlos 1 and Thom

Dottie and I went to a lady in the street market to buy backpacks. We needed 64 of them and she had 3. She said, “Wait here” and ran all through the market gathering up backpacks. When she had 64 she came back to me.

We paid for the backpacks and as we were driving off she was closing down her little store. It was only 9am so I asked her why she was closing down. She told me that my purchase was equal to a week’s income so she was taking a vacation. We decided right then and there that we would always try to buy things in the markets. So over the years we have purchased as many as 150 pairs of shoes in the market place.

I believe that our desire to buy from the poor is one of the reasons the Lord has blessed us so much. God has a special love for the poor and the fatherless.

Our son, Tony, came to Guatemala to help me because Dottie was seriously ill. He stayed for months and caught hepatitis. Since he was in the National Guard he had to resign. He stayed for months. Later he would come and stay with us and now he is married, has a son and has been in Guatemala for over 10 years.