#123 our story

Kevin passed his first year of medical school so he is on cloud nine.

Los Cometas went to the zoo.

The team had Bible study with the boys.

Ezdras is teaching his boys how to bake and Alex is sending 16 boys to typing in San Bartolome’.


Frances & I taught together at Bible college 40 years ago. Dottie and Babs to the right.


In December, 1991 I was invited along with 600 pastors to a luncheon with the president of Guatemala. It was not a political meeting at all. In fact, President Serrano preached.  There was praise and worship. He preached on the subject of our personal responsibility to God. He said if Guatemala was to change it would happen because pastors were reading the Word and praying.

Following the luncheon both he and the Vice-president spoke to me. They told me they were grateful that we had chosen Guatemala as our mission field.

When I returned home I found out our social worker was in the hospital. So Dottie and I turned around and went back to the city to the hospital. She was getting on a bus when the driver suddenly started driving. She fell under the rear wheels of the bus and her leg was crushed.                                                        The school year began in January so we had to enroll the children in schools in San Bartolome the nearest village to us. Would you believe that we had 9 kids starting school for the first time. Also we had over 40 in elementary and high school. This was the first time that we had to buy school uniforms and school shoes so that was an expense we were not prepared for. But God showed us His generosity by providing those expenses as well as all the text books and the school supplies.