#122 our story


It is with great joy that I share with you that Alex and Sara are going to remain as house parents in Buen Pastor.

National holiday! S’mores & hot dogs for the girls.

Billy, Sebastian, Josue , myself met with Thom who is our board chairman.

There was a pizza party with Vencedores.

Bridge of Life with our dialysis children


July,1997 did bring a large surprise as a company in California donated the roof for the new dorm. The way that it happened was a God thing. There was an architect from New Orleans who came to Casa with the original 33 men who built my house. When he was preparing to leave at the end of the week he told me, “I want to build a dorm for the older girls.”

He put our Christmas picture of all the children and staff on his desk. When people came to him they would look at the picture and normally ask, “What is this?” He then would tell them about Casa and ask if they would like to help. One day a man from California entered his office and asked what the photograph was and he was told the story. He said that he would like to provide the roof for the building. It was a large roof.                                                    That same month Dottie and I were invited to preach in a church in Patterson, La. but we were unable to fit it into our schedule. So Pastor Lee had short film of Casa and showed it to his congregation and then took an offering. It was a larger offering than we had ever received when we preached live. Dottie thought maybe that was a sign from God that I needed to send a film rather than appear in person.