#121 our story

The 4 person team from MD, PA and WVa who are here to buy tennis shoes for the children had a member, Caleb, who sang in church this morning. It was awesome!

Thom introduced Don and Lissi as the new house parents for Vencedores starting in late December.

There were s’mores and hot dogs for the boys.


Raquel & Josue’

During July,1997 there were some cute things that happened. Janet, a visitor, was talking with a new girl at Casa. She always carried a bear so Janet asked the girl how did the bear like Casa. She answered, “Oh, she likes it here.” Janet then asked the bear how the girl liked Casa. So she held up the bear and said, “Oh, she likes it here too.”

Dottie took one of our employees with her to the market in Chimaltenango. Rosa was pregnant and began to experience pain so Dottie dropped her off at the hospital. After purchasing the groceries Dottie drove to the hospital to check on Rosa. When she walked into the lobby Rosa was walking around holding her new baby.

Dottie and I drove to the airport to pick up a team from Arkansas. We never saw a team coming out until finally one appeared. Dottie went to the group and said, “Americans from Arkansas?” They smiled and sad, “No, Canadians from Montreal.