#120 our story

A small group from WV arrived to help us with shoes. Bridge of Life spent hours here doing various activities with each dorm. A nutritionist & a nephrologist spent their time with the dialysis dorm.

The wedding of Josue & Raquel was very beautiful. It was outside & the rains came with a vengeance. We were in 2 inches of water & had to move EVERYTHING to a porch. All the tables, glasses, silverware, musical equipment and more in a down pour..

In August 1997 Thom who is now our board chairman was leading the teams to pour all of the concrete for the Estrelita’s dorm that was for the older girls. Today there are little girls downstairs and college girls upstairs. Thom told us that there were 1,158,200 pounds of sand, gravel and cement mixed by hand to complete the project. All the concrete was poured in three days.

This construction was amazing but what I remembered the most was that the team left for the airport and 40 children got up to tell them goodbye. This was the first time that the children had done that.

I remember that one evening the Americans had a foot washing service where they washed a child’s feet and prayed for them. We had a girl named Rosa who was a real clown. When the man praying for the children in her group she suddenly put her hands on his head and prayed, “Lord, heal the hole in his heart”. The man had lost his son three weeks earlier and his wife had said, “I have a hole in my heart”. It was an awesome night.

It is my belief that over the 25 years that teams have been coming to Casa the visitors get blessed as much as the children do. Once there was a big old boy from Alabama who was working on the electrical panel in the kitchen. The police drove up and had 8 children, all related, who were filthy, without shoes and crying.

I sent them to the proper dorm and went back to work. About 30 minutes of crying later he finally told me, “I cannot stand it. I have to go find those children.” Later he returned and told me that he could not find them. I laughed because one of the children was standing next to him.

The children had been bathed and given new clothes. They were all out playing. Only God can bring that kind of peace.