#119 Our story

The rains have been so hard that the school activities winding up the school year had to be cancelled.

Thom & Shawna arrived as he will be talking with staff & speaking with a couple interested in coming to Casa.

It was announced today that 4000 Honduran immigrants arrived in Guatemala City in a caravan going to the USA. Their main reason given was there were no jobs. Violence was not their first reason. They just want to give their children a better life.

Dottie burned her hand with hot grease.

Angelina likes my hat

One of the real downers back in the days of the containers when teams would come and the government would not release the containers from customs. Once Farrell came and spent a week and we never did get the materials we needed. This happened a number of times.

After we built the baby dorm that has a large play area under roof we were not sure what would happen in case of an earthquake. It did not take long to find out because we had an earthquake. It was so strong that it through me out of my chair.

I jumped up and ran as fast as I could to the baby dorm. When I arrived the older children had all run there before me and had carried all of the children to safety. It really impressed me how much those older children loved the little ones. The roof was fine and has been through many quakes and tremors.

As you know recently we had so much rain that a wall fell down. There was another time when we had rain like that and it produced 4 to 6 inches of water in the blue building which also includes a kitchen, storage room and two dormitories. We got all the children to put on shorts and bring their towels. We made a game of running and sliding in the water holding the towel in front of you and eventually all of the water was pushed out and the floor has never been that clean since.