#117 our story

Fernando and Anna came to tell me they have bought a house. Remember he worked for years and then began his own business. They will continue her as dorm parents until they feel the time is right to move. Two to four years! Isn’t that a great success story.


I already shared with you how Jorge’ was kidnapped and I paid the ransom only for him to be killed after he was released. This was not the only time one of our children was kidnapped.

One of our college girls did not come home at her usual time. This was before cell phone s so there was no way to track her down. I drove to the college while Dottie stayed near our landline phone.

Three hours after I returned from the college we were called by the police. She was found about 100 mils away so Dottie and I took off to go get her. It was a village in an extremely dangerous part of Guatemala. I brought some money in case we had to pay the kidnappers.

When we finally arrived at the police station in that area she grabbed Dottie and would not let her go. Finally we were able to talk with her. She told us she was walking along with other students when a van pulled up on the curb. Two men jumped out and pulled her into the van. There were dozens of witnesses but none wanted to involved.

The girl told us that they drove for hours and finally arrived at that village and just let her out of the van. They did not ask for a ransom nor did they sexually assault her. We never did find out why they chose her and why they simply wanted to frighten her. Since she was blindfolded she could not give us any information.