#116 Our story

Sebatian’s daughter has been fighting pneumonia but is doing better. Still needs our prayers.

There was a huge demonstration blocking the roads at the same time near Chimaltenango as the President was in the area dedicating a road.

The children here are already celebrating the end of school. There will be a praise service.

We were inspected by The National Unit for Chronic Kidney Disease Care. They were blessed with what Aroldo has done. They told him there are 10 children EVERY DAY diagnosed with kidney failure.



In the 90s we were blessed to be able to receive 40 foot containers from the USA. The first three First Ladies of Guatemala that we knew all helped us to receive the containers without taxes and without hassle.

When we were building the dining hall and the crossover between our properties there was a man who obviously was touched by the Lord. He had a steel business in Georgia and sent containers with tons of steel to construct what we needed.

We were so blessed back in those days that I can remember containers filled with tons of rice and beans. We were able to give tons to the First Lady and she would see that they got to the poorest regions of the nation. Once we were given 500 school desks and we gave her 250 of them.

I bought so much stuff at Walmarts that the manager in Lake Charles asked me if I was reselling what I was buying. When I shared with him why I was buying so much his heart was moved. He began getting all the items that had been opened and could not be sold. For instance someone would open a package of panties and steal one or two and put the torn bag on the shelf. He began giving all of those damaged goods to us.

Someone filed a law suit against them for doing that so they could no longer give is the torn bags. So what he did was speak to the managers of Walmarts in nearby towns and they put our picture at each checkout counter with a list of baby items we needed. In a couple of months they filled one of those 40 foot containers with items for babies. Unfortunantly they were allowed to do it only once. But at that time we had 120 children in the baby dorm.