#114 Our story

Horrible! There is a crossover over the highway a few hundred yards from Casa and this morning a 23 year old man was found hanging by his neck. They do not know if it is a suicide or murder.

We so desperately need a maintenance man. Woke up this morning with no water on the back property. We tried to find the problem and could not fix it so I called a friend and he found the problem & we were blessed to find a supply store open on Sunday and the problem was fixed.


October 1996 was the month that God showed Himself even more than ever. All of our lives since Dottie and I met God He has guided us and allowed us to us to experience Him in a special way.

It was this month that Jerry and Curtis came to look at the little clinic we wanted to finish here on the property. They walked through it and made notes but little did I know what God was doing in their hearts. It has been 22 years since our first meeting and to give you an idea of what happened from that visit I need to list the buildings birthed because of them.

The clinic was finished. Dottie and my home were built. The large dorm, Estrelitas, was built followed by large boy’s dorm, the huge dining room and kitchen. These were followed by the baby dorm and Esperanza for girls. Soon we were building the large workshops on the back property and a very large dorm for younger boys.

All this began with God touching one heart.