#113 our story



Yesterday I shared with you of the teenager who gave her testimony of being used for 9 years. She said she bathed but never felt clean. She said when she came to Casa and got saved she knew that she was forever clean.

At 5am when we were still in the service (7pm until 7am) she came to me and said, “You have to take me home”. I told her it was not possible because the courts did not want her contacting her family. But she convinced me to go.

We walked into a poverty ridden area and the house was not fit for humans. She told me that I could not go in. I waited over an hour and walked back to my truck. As I was opening the door she came up behind me kissing me on the cheek and saying, “Thank you”. As I turned towards my truck I felt another presence behind me. I turned again and looked in the face of a man who was obviously her brother.

He grabbed and with tears flowing said, “After all the sin I committed against her she forgave me and prayed with me and Jesus is my Lord and Savior”. Four years later at her wedding that brother walked her down the aisle. I have never seen such forgiveness ever!