#112 our story

Angelina, who graduated yesterday, was our first girl in 1989 and it her who asked if she and her siblings could call me Papi. Her father had 3 wives and 29 children.

There is a major water problem on our back property and I missed watching the LSU/Georgia game.

I am sending my update early because my internet is on the blink.


Probably the best example of forgiveness happened when we received a 15 year old girl. We had a service 14 nights later where we began at 7pm and finished at 7am. The children preached, sang and performed skits as well as prayed. Those nights were so uplifting for me.

The girl came to me and said that she wanted to give her testimony. I asked her to tell me first. She said, “When I was 7 years old my father began abusing me every night. Then when I was seven he died and I was happy”. I was not sure where she was going with the story but when she added the second part I was floored.

She said, “When my father died I was happy but then my brother began abusing and using me. Each time he used me he told me to go bathe but I never felt clean. But when I came here and Christ saved me I felt clean.”

I allowed her to tell her story that night and she closed the testimony by pointing around the room and saying to the children, “You are not dirty. You are clean. The blood of Jesus has made you clean.” Dozens of teenagers gave their lives to Christ that night and felt the same cleanness that she felt.

But it was what happened later that taught me the greatest story of forgiveness that I have ever known. So read tomorrow!