#110 Our story

We arrived at Casa at 2pm.

The 12 year-old girl we just received was malnourished & abandoned at the hospital.

Tonight was a special “family” meal for the children from 4 – 6pm. The children dressed up and there were gifts and extra food. The office staff did a wonderful job.


The dining area all set for the family dinner

There was a team here a few weeks ago from Decatur, Illinois. One the women asked if I remember how I ended up sharing the Word at their church. I said that Jack from Lake City had arranged it. The team then shared that I was in a Walmart buying things for the children and a woman in line was watching me.

The lady asked me who I was and what was I doing. I told her and she said, “I go to the Baptist church and I think you need to come speak in our church. So I actually went to that church and spoke. They were so receptive and have been coming to Casa for many years.

Once I was in Walmart in Lafayette, La. buying shoes. We filled carts with over 100 pairs of shoes. The checkout clerk asked why I was buying so many shoes. When I told her what it was for she went and got the store manager. She asked him if she could have her salary check. He asked why and she responded, “I want to pay for these shoes.” And she did!

That very same trip in 1997 we stopped at a Pay Less Shoe store in Opelousas, La. Again we purchased over 100 pairs of shoes. An African America manager of that store heard Dottie and me talking. She came up to me and asked,  “Are you Mike Clark?” I responded that I was and she said, “I listen to you every day on KAJN radio.”

Then she called her boss and they gave us all those shoes at half price. God has spoken to people’s heart in so many ways over the years.