#109 Our story

They were able to get Heath into a hospital in Baton Rouge with the LSU physicians.  This is better for everyone involved.

The courts sent us one child and at the same time removed 5 others. What is happening is just foolishness by the court system. Children do not need to be sent back to bad situations.


On May 9, 1996 I went to the US Embassy to apply fir visas for five children to travel with us to the USA. The American workers treated me as rudely as I have been treated. They told me I had one hour to return home and get certain paper work. I was driving fast and was pulled over by the police.

They looked at my truck papers and told me they were incorrect. I had to take chicken buses to finally arrive at the government office that handles automobile papers. They told me there was not anything wrong and gave me a letter saying so for the police. The policemen just laughed and gave me my truck. They were just being ugly to me.

When I received the paperwork from the US Embassy I returned home and gathered up all of the children and we had a Jericho march. We walked around the property and then yelled. I assure you that I was ready to scream.

That month we had 3 children with hearing loss. Juan was totally deaf and nothing at all could be done for him. We sent him to the School for the Deaf in Guatemala City. Michelle had terrible hearing loss so we purchased hearing aids. But she will not wear them. Edgar was 50% so hearing aids helped him.