#107 our story

My secretary Debbie’s nephew Heath was shot in a hunting accident and the bullet is lodged in his head after passing through the jaw. Please pray for him.

The last service of our trip was at Family Life and the response was exciting as a number of people were saved.


In March of 1996 a woman whom I worked with at Pinecrest passed away. Her name was Nelda and the way I met her was a God thing. I worked in the education department and Nelda worked in the recreation department. We were on a bus trip with 20 severely retarded adults. I could feel these eyes behind me staring at me.

I thought it was one of the inmates but when I glanced back it was Nelda. She asked me, “Are you the son of Calvis Clark?” to which I answered, “Yes”. Her reply was, “I dated your father over 40 years ago”. We became fast friends and I preached in the church she attended in Nebo, Louisiana.

Dottie & I during that month visited many churches. We made a two day trip to visit 4 villages. First I preached in Chotala in the afternoon and then that evening at Saquilla. Dottie was able to minister with me the following day in Chichicastenano and Petulop. The people in these villages are so responsive to the invitations.

As we drove home the Spirit led us to go to Pixabaj where we shared with the pastor. Another village sent representatives to get Dottie and I to preach in their church that evening at Chopul.

The salaries for these pastors range from $8 to $16 a month. To be a pastor in Guatemala villages cost you and your family a tremendous amount. That I why their children do not go to school. They work the vegetable fields.

In 1996 we could build a church or a pastor’s home for $3000. That is why we have been able to build so many over the years. We had a pastor’s daughter, Olga, working for us so we could supplement her family’s salary. Sadly, she became ill and died from kidney failure. It was our first introduction to just how many Indians suffer from kidney disease.