#105 our story

November 23rdis the date for graduation and the quinceneras for those of you who are interested in attending.

Our daughter, Tanya, has finished her chemo so we are just praying for a good report.

The work on the wall was incredible this week.

We had dinner with Mark & Gina who allow us to use their home on the river when we are in Lake Charles. Mark is a state representative & will be running for State Senate next year. He has been on our board from the beginning.


Look at how much work was done on the wall this week


Our trips home have been interesting but back when we would take Guatemalan children with us there were moments we will never forget. I remember when we took sisters Mayra and Norma to the states. The very first night we stayed at a motel in East Texas. Our daughters with these two sisters stayed in a room adjoining ours.

During the night the police came to the motel and entered the room where the girls were. Of course the girls told them Dottie and I were next door. The police entered our room and were very upset. The girls had been dialing 911 and saying that they were kidnapped. We were able to finally convince the police the girls were horsing around. So the rest of the trip whenever we stayed in a motel we had the telephone removed from the room where the girls were staying.

The funniest situation that I can remember was when we took Bubba and Telma home with us. They were about 7 years old. We preached in Lafayette and then went out to eat with the pastor and some friends. Since we had to preach in Lake Charles that evening we left about 3pm and drove there. We settled in at DeeDee’s house and then drove to the church.

Something did not seem right. And then it came to both my mind and Dottie’s mind at the same time. Telma was missing. No cell phones so we had to use a land line and call the church. They had found Telma and were driving her to meet us.

Back in those days I showed slides as there were no power points. I called Bubba up to the pulpit to introduce them and then I share a few slides. Each time I looked at the congregation they had strange looks on their faces. It appeared that they were looking at Bubba and Telma.

I was standing behind a glass pulpit and Bubba and Telma were removing the screws as I was teaching. I was able to grab the top of the pulpit just as it began to crumble. We were never invited back to that church for nearly 20 years and they had changed pastors.