#104 Our story

: We had breakfast with Mike Davis who helped us at Casa for a couple of years and who has been a friend to us for many years. Dottie was the midwife for their children.

Sunday we will be at Family Life in Lafayette at 9am and 11am.

The father of our school director, Lourdes passed away so be praying for her and the family

Dottie and I with Chloe, Melvin’s wife.

The most difficult part of being on a foreign field is the family you leave behind. Of course, there is the feeling of emptiness as your children mature and return to the states. One-by-one the children left. Chad was the first to graduate from high school here and return to the USA. He lived with one of my dearest friends, Mike D, who got him into the bricklayers union and where Chad worked for years until he broke his neck.

One of the most remarkable situations occurred with our daughter Liz. When she was 2 years old Dottie and I adopted her directly from her mother who was struggling. The only thing we asked was that the mother would not contact Liz until she was 18 years old. The mother kept her word and never contacted Liz.

When Liz turned 18 years of age we told her about her mother. I asked her if she wanted to meet her mother and she said, “Yes”. We told the mother and then we flew to Houston. When we arrived and were leaving the airport there was a large crowd waiting for passengers.

As we walked through the exit where the crowd was Liz walked directly to her mother and hugged her. No one pointed out the mother to Liz so you can see just how strong the bind is between children and parents.

Liz stayed with her mother while Dottie and I visited churches. When it was time to return to Guatemala Liz said that she wanted to live with her mother. That was nearly 20 years ago and they live in the same town after all these years.