#102 Our story

The construction of the wall is going very slow due to the rain.

Here, in Lake Charles, the rain was in torrents and there was a major wreck between an 18 wheeler & a car. We were stuck on I-10. It took 2 hours to clear the highway.


The wall is coming along slowly due to the rain

In 1994 I was sitting in my chair when someone entered and screamed, “Bubba and Telma have been run over by a bus!” Dottie and I rushed to the wall where we saw the front part of the bus protruding through the wall. I immediately went under the bus and there were Telma and Bubba without a scratch still just sitting there.

The driver of the bus ran off but he had not been driving. His 12 year old son was the driver. I jumped on the bus and took the paperwork to the bus so I could identify the owners. Nearly an hour passed before the police arrived. They arrested me for taking the paper work to the bus.

I was taken to jail where I was booked on charges of robbery. Now when the bus hit my wall it also damaged a little tienda (small store) narrowly missing the lady who ran the store. A few minutes later the husband of that lady showed up. He was possibly the strongest man I have ever known. I saw him carry a telephone pole from that back of my property to the street.

He was enraged and began to threaten the owner of the bus who arrived before I was arrested. He bribed the police. There were 6 policemen in that room and you have never seen such fear as when this husband started screaming, “Your driver could have killed my wife and those two children”. No one argued with him. I was released and the driver was arrested. The owner had to repair my wall and rebuild a little store for the woman.