#101 our story

Aroldo emailed me with a praise report. A new room has been built on Wendy’s parent’s home so she will have a clean environment for peritoneal dialysis. Aroldo was praising God that Cindy, Jose, Elias, Karen and Juan are still alive.

Today was the celebration of the Day of the Child.


Wes reminded me of so many stories and so many people. It is impossible to remember everything so I hope that others of you would jot down your memories so we can all rejoice in what God has done.

One of the things that Wes spoke about was his coming on the airplane with Jerry C for Dottie and my 50thwedding anniversary. When Dottie and I got married in 1963 only her parents, my father and Dottie’s wife and brother-in- law in attendance. The wedding was performed in her family living room.

Some of our older children here at Casa wanted to bless us with a large wedding. The children saved their money and spoke to sponsor and friends about helping. They purchased my suit and shoes as well as paying for Dottie’s wedding dress, shoes, etc. They hired cooks and prepared food for over 500 people.

The first 7 boys and the first 7 girls who came to Casa were the groomsman and bridesmaids. Many friends came from the states to attend. The children kept saying over and over how they had never known anyone married for 50 years.

Somehow the children were able to find a 1945 Bentley and hired a driver to take us to a hotel in Guatemala City. They paid for everything.

One thing I wanted to do was sing to Dottie. I do not have a singing voice but I wanted to honor her. She was so shocked when I sang. Dottie and I wanted to model for the children what God would do if you gave your marriage to Him.

Melvin Tisdale who is now with the Lord performed the ceremony. I had always considered him my pastor. The day was beyond anything Dottie and I could ask or think. It has now been 55 years of marriage and the love has never waned.