#100 our story

As I finished September so much still needed to be said. The ministry at Word of Life was graciously received. We drove back to Lake Charles and when I got on line Walt had written telling me that Jordan had his feeding tube removed. He still has to drink his formula but there is a list of foods that he can now eat. I am so blessed for him.

Today was visiting day for the children.


Here are more memories from Wes. “I remember Sue and me covering Casa while you and Dottie took two days off. I had been continuing telling you not to take any more children. Sure enough, during the night policemen came with a child. I accepted her and cried for days and never again said that you should not take anymore children.”

“Sue and I went to pick up someone at the airport and we took a child with us. We stopped at MacDonald’s on the way back to Casa. The child told everyone that he had gone and eaten in the United States”.

“I remember the man from New York that gave a large sum of money to help build the baby dorm. He had never been to Casa so he gave the money sight unseen. Later, after the dorm was completed, he came to see it. You took us to the airport and he made a passionate plea for us to form a board of directors. We never saw him again but we did form the board”.

“I will never forget the day that Steve O came running by your house holding what looked like a small snake. When we went outside to see Steve he showed us that he had pulled his finger off. He was showing some visitors how strong the rafters were and he jumped up and grabbed a rafter in order to hang from it. His wedding band snagged a nail and the finger stayed on the rafter”.