In the 1970s I was part of the faculty of the Teaching Center in Lafayette. Of the seven original teachers Elbert. Earnest, Ken and Melvin have passed away leaving Francis (wife Babs), Howard (wife Becky) and myself with Dottie as the remaining teachers from the early 70s. Today we had our 45threunion with over 100 former students. It was held in Duson at Christian Center Church. The oldest person who attended was 92 years old. There were 14 speakers ranging from pastors, evangelists, teachers and missionaries who came out of that one ministry. I can remember how hundreds of people got saved there. As a staff we taught every day of the week. We taught every book of the Bible and dozens of other subjects.

Dottie and I saw so many old friends. The memories were great.

We left there and drove to Patterson for tomorrow’s service. Word of Life has been a partner with Casa ever since we started in 1989.