#96 our story

Eola First Baptist is only 500 yards from where my dad worked before going off shore. Pastor Bill & the church were gracious to us. We visited with Don and his family.

Aroldo shared with me that the seminar he attended in Vera Cruz was a blessing because when he shared that God was blessing the children in dialysis at Casa they were amazed because no home in Mexico is doing anything like this.


Years ago there was a young girl about 15 years old who came to the gate. Went I wet to the gate she said, “Can you take my sisters?” I asked her where her parents were and she said that they were dead. I told her that legally I could not take any children without a court order.

She told me that she worked in a sweat shop ten hours a day for six days. She then said, “I can feed my sisters but I cannot send them to school and without an education they will be just like me.”

My heart was so broken and I asked her, “What about you? Wouldn’t you like an education?” Her answer was, “That is more than God could do for me.” I was so moved that I immediately drove her to the one room that she rented for her sisters and her and I took them all to court. The judge gave them to me immediately.

Today she is a nurse as well as married with two children.