#95 our story

We took a detour and went to Nachitoches and visited Northwestern State where we always stop to see the bench Dottie was sitting on when I proposed to her 56 years ago.

Oscar wanted a book on architecture which we could not find but we did manage to get him one by another author.We also were able to visit the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame.

Little Tony passed his first exam to enter college. I am very proud of him.


In 2001 we had a boy from Peronia whom we called Mario II. He was 12 years old and was here two years. In those two years he ran away about six times. He just wanted to be with his mother and had never known his father. Finally, after 2 years, the courts decided that he would be better off if he just went home.

Five months later he was standing in front of a little tienda (store) when a gang fight broke out. He was caught in the crossfire and shot to death. His mother called me and asked if I would do his funeral. When Dottie and I showed up at the funeral home the two gangs that had been fighting and were responsible for his death were there.

It was such an opportunity to minister to gang members and share the Gospel with them. Three members of each gang served as pallbearers. That was an experience I would never forget.

Years later 6 members of the gang came to speak to my children. They were saved and actually had a church. When they arrived they asked if I would remove all the girls as they only wanted to speak to the boys. When the girls were in their dorms the 6 men removed their clothes down to their under wear and had our boys count the bullet holes and the knife holes where they had been wounded.

It was one of the most remarkable moments of my life here in Guatemala. Of course the message of Christ that the gang members gave made a tremendous impact on our boys.