#94 our story

Aroldo returned from his Mexican meeting for dialysis staff. Wednesday night Dottie and I will be at Eola Baptist, 2293 Hwy 29E, Bunkie, Louisiana.

We returned and visited with Chloe the wife of my pastor and dear friend Melvin.



In January of 2001 we had a young man show up unexpectedly from Boston. He had heard about us from someone who had visited us from New Hampshire. If you shut your eyes you would think you were listening to John F. Kennedy. He really had that Boston accent.

His story was so interesting. He had gone to Calcutta and worked with Mother Theresa in her ministry to the dying. He told me that his job was to sit and comfort those who were expected to die within 24 hours.

The way he came to Guatemala is interesting and shows his dedication to the Lord. He took a train to Miami and from there a bus to the East coast of Florida where he caught a ship to Guatemala. He paid his passage by being a deck hand. Once he arrived in Guatemala he took a chicken bus to Guatemala City and from there another chicken bus to San Lucas. From there he walked to our home.

He stayed a number of months and was of great help. He was one year from finishing college so I talked to him extensively about getting his degree. One night he rode with me to Poaquil where I was dedicating a church. When I gave the altar call he was the first to come forward for salvation.

He stayed a few weeks longer and returned to Boston where he finished school. It was an engineering degree and after graduation he immediately went to Africa where he works to develop water systems for villages.