The ministry at First Baptist was special. Dottie was the first person baptized in that church 69 years ago. It was where her father pastored and Crossett was where I was saved 56 years ago. The congregation was receptive.

We had lunch with Cora Mae, age 95, & her family. She has been to Casa twice and in years past introduced our ministry to many churches.


Martha (not her real name was brought to Casa as a 15 year old when she was rescued from a child sex ring.  She would hardly speak and had no real contact with anyone. One day I received a court order to bring her to court for the trial of the man who ran the ring. The courts actually sent me army protection to drive her to the courthouse.

She gave a riveting testimony against the man and when he was convicted the three judges asked the police to clear everyone from the room with the exception of Martha and me.

One judged asked her, “Are you okay?” to which she relied, “Yes, I am okay.” But immediately a large tear began to roll down her cheek. The judge reached over and touched her knee and asked again, “Are you okay”. Her answer stunned us.

“No, I am not ok. My mother sold me to a man when I was six years old. He sold me to another man who changed my name. He sold me later and also changed my name again. Finally this man bought me and changed my name.”

“I am not okay because I do not know who I am.” Her answer caused all three judges and myself to cry. She became a wonderful young lady and today she works in a home for children.