#91 Our story

One of the things that Dottie and I love to do on these trips home is to buy Christian books & just read. I do not know how many of you are familiar with Louis Zamperini who ran in the 1936 Olympics, was shot down in World War II, beaten unmercifully by his Japanese guards, returned to the USA as a helpless drunk but gloriously saved at the Los Angelos Billy Graham crusade and became a tremendous man of God. He died at 97. His life was portrayed in the movie “Unforgiven”. It did not speak of his salvation. But a follow-up movie has come out “Unforgiven: A story of Redemption”. It is an awesome testimony to the power of God. It matters not what has happened to you God is able to make something beautiful of your life. It is all about forgiveness.

For those of you who read our daily updates on line you have read nearly 100 updates of our life story. If God allows I will write our entire history over the next few months.

My red car finally is repaired.

My car is old but now at least it runs.


As the population grew in the late 1990s we had to find schools for our high school students. A high school education is one where you attend a school that caters to a specific career. For instance students who want to go into the medical field attend a high school that specializes in the medical field, etc.

So we had over 40 high school students studying in various schools. The most we had in one school was 14 studying in America Latino in Chimaltenango. This school emphasized college prep for students who wanted to become teachers. In the city we had 7 students studying in a school specializing in architecture and graphic design.

All 40 students took the chicken buses to their school. Some had to change buses 3 times to get to school. All of the schools had their own uniform so it was a major effort when it came time for enrollment. Parents had to go to the schools to get report cards and talk to each individual. It is no exaggeration when I tell you that was a week long process.

The school where we had 14 students had a tradition where the parents would go on stage as their child received their diploma. So the other families would get pretty tired of seeing Dottie and myself go forward. There was one school that complained because one of our girls was chosen queen of the school each year for 5 years. We eventually quit enrolling our girls there.