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Would you believe that we have all the newsletters through today? That is over 325 news letters. We cannot find March of 2014; September for both 2004 & 2005 and October of 2006. If you have them could you copy them and send them to Debbie?

We visited with my sister, Charlotte, and Wayne in Opelousas.

We ministered at 1stBaptist in Washington with Pastor Charrier.



Years ago Dottie and I went to the bank to cash a check. When we returned from the bank Dottie got out of the car to open the gate. As I drove through two men with guns pushed Dottie and stuck a gun in my face.

They demanded Dottie’s purse and in spite of the gun in her face Dottie said, “Please take the money but leave my license and identification”. Incredibly that is what they did. We were unharmed but shaken.

On another occasion my son, Chad, and I went to the bank in downtown Guatemala City in broad daylight. As we left the bank we were driving in very heavy traffic. We stopped at a red light and were 4 cars back from the intersection. All of a sudden a car stopped in the intersection and four men got out and ran directly to my car. They demanded the money.

I believe to this day that both of these incidents were inside jobs as they knew exactly where the money was.

There was an incident where Pastor David and Regina exchanged money and when they returned to Casa three men hit our guard and stuck the gun in David’s face. David had separated the money into two pockets. He gave them one half of the money and they said, “Give us the rest of it in your other pocket.” They were so angry they actually discharged their gun towards a dorm missing a child by less than 2 feet.

God has protected us for many years. Money can be replaced but lives cannot. We were so blessed that no one was injured.