#88 our story

Aroldo emailed me from Vera Cruz to tell me how blessed he is to work with the dialysis children and especially pray for Wendy as she leaves and to continue to pray for Genesis, Karen, Jose’, Elias, Juan Carlos and Sindy1. God has saved all of these children and Aroldo wants to thank you for the many prayers for them. Now I ask you to pray for Aroldo because no one has a heart for the dialysis children like he does.


My mind is filled with good memories. Dottie and I built a church across Lake Atitlan. The pastor had 7 children and they lived in an adobe shack with one room. So Dottie and I prayed and we returned to his home and told him that we felt that the Lord wanted us to build him a house.

He looked at me and said, “No”. I was taken back so I stood there speechless. He then said, “I do not need a house. I need for my children to get an education. Could you educate my children?” I told him that we would love to educate the children. So I thought that we would take the oldest of the children but he had 5 climb into my van.

As we were about to drive away He yelled for me to stop and he came to the van with the second youngest who was probably 4 years old. He handed me the child through my window.

Over the years they have all graduated and this year the baby he handed to me in my window graduated from high school. Today he gave a speech to the junior high and high school students and I could not help but have a huge grin as he stood and spoke.

I wish that I could say that all of the children have made good decisions but some haven’t. But I can truly say that the desire of that father to see his children educated forever changed that family.