#86 our story

Wendy, by law, has to return to her home. She was unable to get the kidney transplant. But she is saved.

We had good services at Friendship Baptist church and I shared a little that evening.  We will leave early on Monday to drive back to Lake Charles. We are driving more as the churches we are speaking out are spread out across La., Al. and Ark but it does give Dottie and I much needed alone time.


In 1991 Dottie and I were taking the children to church at Verbo in the city. There was a couple there who were from Texas and he was a body guard for the American Ambassador to Guatemala. We would always speak with them after the services. So it was natural for Dottie to invite them to our home for a Sunday lunch.

Dottie was washing clothes while fixing lunch. We had a small Guatemalan washing machine which meant that she had to do many loads. She also had to hang the clothes on a line in the back yard.

The man asked Dottie why she did so many loads. Dottie offhandedly said, “We had a brand new washer/dryer in Louisiana.” We talked about all of the items that we had in storage and he asked to use our phone.

He called some government agency in the USA and asked them, “How much does each US worker get to ship to their place of employment.” I cannot remember exactly but I believe it was 10,000 pounds. He asked them how much had he shipped and they told him 3500 pounds.

So he asked them if he could ship another 6500 pounds and they told him that he was entitled to that. So a few weeks later Dottie and I flew to Louisiana and packed up all of our household items. We took then to Houston where they were put in a container and shipped to Guatemala.

If you have been to my home in Guatemala you know that I have thousands of books in my library. That container was how Dottie and I were able to get our household in Louisiana sent to Guatemala.

They actually kept our Guatemalan children while we were in the USA. It was not long after this that he was transferred to another country. Again, God intervened to bless us. We have never seen them since they left Guatemala. He actually drove our son, Tony, to Louisiana when Tony was returning home.