#85 our story

We left Baton Rouge and drove to Pascagoula Ms where we had lunch with Curtis and Rachal. It is fitting that I am sharing our story and it was Curtis and Jerry who came to Casa in the early 90s that totally hanged the direction of Casa.


I believe that  November, 1998 was the most active week in Casa’s history. Hurricane Mitch hit Central America killing 19,329 people. We had teams here at that time staying in tents. There was a mudslide between Casa and the city. We had to take an alternant route when we went to buy groceries. There was a two hour wait at the grocery store.

The grand nephew of Jim Elliot spoke to our children. Jim Elliot was killed bringing the Gospel to the Huaorina people in Ecuador. The children were mesmerized by the message.

Read here all that God did that month. The First Lady of Guatemala came for a visit. We finished building churches in Chiqua Uno and Chiqua Dos as well as a pastor’s home in Xepetan. We built a Brush Arbor for teenagers in Poaquil Valley. We bought land in Tzanchou so we can build a church there. Also we finished digging a water well for the village of Tzanchou where we bought the property. God really made Himself known!

November marked the 100thchild to get saved in 1998. Gloria had her second child. The Rotary Club International had matching funds of $86,000 to furnish the new kitchen and provide beds for the new boy’s dorm.

Dottie’s father was bedridden and when we flew to see him he did not recognize us. He would pass away 13 months later.

November 1998 was a month to remember with highs and lows. The teams that came worked so hard on the boy’s dorm as well as the multi-purpose building. I was younger then. I could not handle that pace now.