#84 our story


We will leave tomorrow for Alabama but will stop and stay with my sister, Virginia, in Baton Rouge. My other sister, Charlotte, is not doing too good physically so we want to get by there, Opelousas, this coming week. We are all aging.

We saw our son, Chad, yesterday. He weighs 138 pounds.

My best friend in high school, Kenny, died years ago. Today his broher, Gary, died.


Our band marching in San Bartolome’
Rythmic competition

We had a used suburban given to us in 1991 and one day I went to start it and it would not start. So I walked about 3 miles to a mechanic whom I had never met. He went back to the house with me and towed it to his shop. After checking it he told me it would be a few days before it could be fixed. Then he handed me keys to his own vehicle and said I could just keep it until my car was repaired.

He was also an undercover agent working with the police to hunt down drug runners. One night he was run over by a vehicle that actually backed up after running over him on his motorcycle and then ran over him a second time. It was a long recuperation but he would eventually be healed.

A church in the US gave me a school bus so at the end of one of our trips back to the states I was all set to drive it back. Julio called me and said that it was just too dangerous to drive the bus alone so he said, “I will meet you at the airport in Houston when you bring Dottie and the kids to meet their flight.

All he asked was that I would buy him some shrimp. So we left the airport and drove towards the Mexican border. We found a sea food restaurant and he ate for what seemed to be an hour. I had driven the 3 hours before we stopped so when we got back on the bus it was dark. I sat behind the driver’s seat so he could drive.

Then he tells me, “I have bad night vision. I cannot drive at night.” So I drove to Brownsville to the border and early the next morning went to immigration at the border. We did not have the correct paper work so it took us 3 days of faxing back and forth with the Louisiana vehicle administration before we could cross the border.

When we arrived at our house in Guatemala Dottie met me with a brand new baby girl. She was hydrocephalic and had had surgery to install tubes to drain the water around the bed. Today that baby is over 20 years of age. We adopted her and she and Dottie have been inseparable ever since.