#83 our story

The President was under scrutiny so he simply fired everyone investigating him. The farmers are revolting and 18 have been killed. Two days of protests have happened.

Today we are going to have rhythmic gymnastics activities, and drawing contests for Independence Day.


Miss Independence

Once when Dottie and I were driving in Mexico there was a police car coming towards me. When he passed I looked in my rear view mirror and he was making a u-turn like you see in the movies. Immediately his lights came on so I pulled off the side of the highway.

He began screaming at me in Spanish and I had no idea what he was saying. The more he screamed the angrier he became. All of a sudden he stuck the top half of his body all the way into the car. I thought he was going after Dottie when he grabbed a Spanish-English dictionary off of our dash.

He backed up and feverishly went through the pages until he found what he wanted. He stuck the dictionary in my face and pointed at “Slow down!” Then he simply told us to drive on.

Another time that I caught the eyes of the police was when we were driving through San Cristobal when we came upon a traffic stop. I had forgotten my wallet and did not have a license. So I just acted stupid and pretended that I could not understand Spanish. The policeman kept talking and I just kept pretending that I did not understand.

Then my daughter, Liz, spoke up from the back seat and began talking to the policeman in Spanish. So he would tell her what to tell me although I could understand. So on this occasion I did receive a ticket thanks to Liz.