#82 Our story

There was a manifestation in Guatemala City so our children with appointments could not reach their destination. It is an attempt to force the President from office.

This Sunday the 16thwe will be ministering at Friendship Baptist in Grand Bay, Alabama at 8:30 and 10:30am. At 6pm we will be at Grand Bay Church of God at 6pm.

The rain followed us from Guatemala as we continue to have rains here in Lake Charles.

Pray for Walt’s family in North Carolina. He is scheduled to be flying into that area this weekend.

Today was election day for Miss Independence Day for our school. Melany won.



I cannot remember if I shared this story with you or not. One Saturday Dottie and I went to buy 2 by 4s at a place in the city. The lumber was not exactly the correct size. Some were 3 by 4 and almost all were crooked. So it took me an hour or so to select the best ones.

The weather was extremely hot. Dottie saw how much I was sweating so after I put the lumber in the back of my pickup I sat in the cab and drank a soda that Dottie had purchased.

A policeman came up and began writing me a ticket. I asked him why he was doing that and he said, “You do not have a red flag on your lumber”. I told him that I had the flag in the cab and when I said, “I am not driving right now” and his answer was, “Yes, but you are thinking about it”. I gave him a couple of bucks and he didn’t give me a ticket.

There was another time when I was driving in a convoy and a policeman pulled me over. I asked him why because I was going the same speed as everyone else. He said, “None of them pain any attention when I pointed at them only you”.

Again it was a very hot day and I had just purchased four sodas. The policeman pointed at the sodas and told me that was the fine for speeding. So he took my cold drinks and in those days I did not carry extra money so I had to drive back to the city very thirsty.