#79 our story

Saturday mornings I take the highest level boys from both Vencedores and Buen Pastor to the front property so they can have the soccer field as well as swings, visiting their sisters and whatever they feel like doing.

Dottie has boys who help her each Tuesday and Saturday with her flowers. She has a schedule for them



In 1991 we took Gloria home with us to the states. She was our first teenager and was a wonderful child. She was the first of our children to get married. I performed the wedding here at Casa. She was here with her three brothers.

Years later she was pregnant with twins. Her husband was a teacher in our school. While we were in the states they discovered that she had cancer. The physicians wanted to take the babies so they could treat the cancer. She refused and later passed away as did the twins.

Just last year one of her brothers was killed while riding his motorcycle back to San Bartolome’ from the city.

That particular trip home was for a WMF meeting in Dallas. I began feeling strange on the trip and one evening Dottie told me we were not going to do anything else until I saw a physician. So I went to Methodist Hospital and during the examination they took my blood pressure. It was so high that the doctor told me that I needed to live stress free.

Then she asked what I did for a living. When I told her that I was a missionary in Guatemala with 50 children she responded with, “So much for that!” When I returned to Guatemala I went to a cardiologist and ever since that time I have done pretty good considering that the stress level has never gone down.