#77 Our story


I am having trouble with my computer so I am sending this early.

Incredible!! The physicians who work at the government hospitals are on strike. They say that their salaries are too low. We send all of our children there for surgeries, etc. Dr. Lou who is the physician who has helped with the dialysis children all of these years is arranging for our children who need hemodialysis. If this strike is not settled quickly there will be many deaths.

Aroldo, Dottie and I prayed for the children in dialysis and especially for Wendy who turns 18 soon. She no longer will be allowed to get dialysis at Roosevelt Hospital. She will have to go to San Juan which means she has to be in line at 3am and hope that she gets in for her dialysis.



In November 1995 we were building a church in Pixajah and another one in Chuequil. We also were visited by the 700thclub. They did a three minute presentation that was shown by Pat Robertson. They were actually here for 3 days and had hours of film. After it was shown we had a few calls from people interested in helping us.

1995 was the year I had the wild idea of giving bicycles to every child for Christmas. Many sponsors paid for a bicycle for their sponsored child. But when I gave them out on Christmas it looked like a Los Angeles freeway. Bikes were going in every direction.

A few years earlier I was called by the courts to go and pick up a child in the city dump that was beyond description. This boy would live at Casa for years until a judge gave him to an aunt in the same dump. Sadly she put him to work and less than a year later he was killed by someone who robbed him.

The doctors fear that Dottie had heart damage because of the wreck. My best friend from Lake Charles flew in to be with us. Eventually the heavy bruises she sustained when being thrown from the car was the problem.