#76 our story

If you are wondering about the updates I post nightly. A dear brother, Jack, who passed away had all the updates in a folder from 1991 through 2001. Jack saw short film about us on CBN with Pat Robertson. So he called and became a tremendous friend. He saved my letters.

I have already written 192 updates so if anything happens to me Dottie can continue to publish them for you.

AnnaLeigh with two of our children


What was amazing was that Dottie was consumed with pain and yet the hospital said her back was okay. So for three weeks Dottie would stay in bed but get up and go the bathroom, etc.

When we had the appointment with her physician she told him that she was not leaving until he would tell her why she had so much back pain. He ordered a set of examinations and upon reading the results came into the room and said, “Don’t move. You can be paralyzed or even die”. Foolishly the first round of tests did not check her lower back. She had a crushed vertebrae. She had surgery and after all these years she has done well. No pain!

The doctor told us that the reason they did not x-ray the lower back is that Dottie told him she passed out when she saw the wreck coming. So he thought she had a head injury. So God had His angels there for Dottie because she could have been injured critically.

I asked Dottie what she meant by passing out. She told me when she realized the wreck was about to happen she told herself, “I do not want to see this”.  Over the years we have had two other major accidents but God has protected us. This happened in 1995.